English 110

This optional course offers individualized and small-group support and instruction for students currently enrolled in English 102+103 or English 104. This course provides extra time and support for developing your writing knowledge and practices. In English 110, you will explore writing concepts through readings, activities, and written reflections--all of which will take place during class time. There is no outside homework for this class. You will be able to conference with your instructor about the writing you’re doing in English 102+103 or 104 and engage in various feedback activities to support your writing development. If you feel like you need more support or practice as a writer, this course is for you.

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English 215

All HSU students can enroll in English 215: Information Literacy and Writing Seminar, a two-unit course that meets one day per week, for individualized instruction with reading, writing, and researching assigned in any course. English 103 and 104 students find that this course is especially useful in planning, researching, and revising their essays for the Assessment Portfolio, but English 215 supports all HSU classes.

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Writing Studio

The Learning Center offers a Writing Studio staffed by trained consultants for all HSU students interested in receiving additional feedback on their writing. While they are not an editing service, these consultants will help HSU students with any stage of their writing, from topic selection to final polishing. Visit the website for information about Writing Studio location, hours, and appointment scheduling.

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Learning Center

Located in the Learning Commons, the Learning Center is available for a variety of academic purposes, including additional academic support or guidance.

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Centers for Academic Excellence

The Centers for Academic Excellence provide “academic advising and holistic mentorship via culturally relevant settings” for underrepresented students in a predominantly white institution (PWI) (“Final Report and Recommendations,” Retention and Student Success Re-organization Working Group). The Centers offer opportunities for leadership development, accessing campus resources, and connections to faculty and research experiences. All students are welcome at the Centers and at Center-sponsored events.

African American Center for Academic Excellence (AACAE)
Nelson Hall East Room 206 | 707.826.4588 |

Latin@ Center for Academic Excellence (LCAE)
Nelson Hall East Room 205 | 707.826.4586 |

Native American Center for Academic Excellence/ITEPP
Brero House 93 (across from the Library Circle and the Student Health Center) 
707.826.3672 |

INRSEP/ The Center for Academic Excellence in STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Walter Warren House 38 (on 14th St. near B St.) | 707.826.4998

Multicultural Center (MCC)
Balabanis House (Laurel Dr. between the library and campus apartments) | 707.826.3364 
The mission of the MCC is “to build, nurture and sustain an inclusive multicultural’ community” by “providing co-curricular opportunities for leadership development, social justice advocacy, identity exploration and cross-cultural learning experiences” (“Welcome,” Multicultural Center Website).

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Diversity and Inclusion Office

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) seeks to “institutionalize diversity as a core part of the HSU educational process, and to overcome the historical and social inequities that continue to challenge students, faculty and staff from underrepresented groups” (Office of Diversity and Inclusion website). The office is located at Siemens Hall Room 209 and can be reached at 707.826.4503 or The ODI website provides links to a variety of student resources available on campus, including scholarships, diversity program funding grants, cultural clubs, mentoring opportunities, and community, leadership, and support programs.

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Counseling and Psych Services

Did you know that Counseling & Psych Services provides after-hours support and crisis intervention by phone for students? You can call 707.826.3236 to talk to someone when CAPS is closed.

CAPS groups address grief, relationships, mindfulness, substance abuse, body image, sexual assault, LGBTQ concerns, creativity, sleep, stress, depression, assertiveness, etc.

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Accomodations for the Full Inclusion of All Students

If you have a documented disability and would like to discuss academic accommodations, please notify me as soon as possible. The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC), located in the Lower Library Room 55, can assist you with the accommodation process and is available at 707.826.4678.

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Support for Survivors of Sexualized Violence

Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on sex, gender, or sexual orientation are illegal. For detailed information about campus policies as well as rights, resources, and options for survivors, please visit the following web pages: “University Policy and Procedures on Sexual Assault and Sex Discrimination” and “Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.”

If you wish to speak confidentially to someone on campus who is not a mandated reporter, you may contact the following people and organizations:

  • Mira Friedman, HSU Health Educator, at 707.826.5123, or
  • Mary Sue Savage, Prevention Coordinator, at 707.826.5234 or
  • HSU Counseling Center in the Student Health Center, at 707.826.3236;
  • The North Coast Rape Crisis Team, available 24 hours a day, at 707.445.2881.

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Veterans Enrollment and Transition Services

The Veterans Enrollment and Transition Services office provides an array of “services to veterans, active military personnel, and dependents enrolled at the University” (VETS website). Services include academic advising, tutoring, employment assistance, and opportunities for outdoor skills and community building. Visit their website or call them at 707.826.6272. Their office is located in Lower Library Room 58.

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Recreation and Wellness Center

The Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC) “is a multi-departmental collaboration that brings to the HSU campus a place to fulfill the varying needs of individuals looking to explore the many dimensions of wellness” (“The Recreation & Wellness Center,” Center Activities Website).

The Wellness Center programs include Check IT (bystander intervention project), Peer Health Education (, support for trans students, and the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry/Oh Snap! ( is located in the RWC Room 122, and can help students apply for CalFresh (financial assistance to buy food), obtain basic staple foods, and participate in cooking and nutrition classes. Contact Mira Friedman, Lead of Health Education, for details at or 707.826.5234.

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