Founders Hall Courtyard

In the HSU Composition Program, all of our courses are aligned to Program Outcomes.  These outcomes are derived from research and experience about how writers move toward writing expertise over time and in and across contexts.  Our outcomes are designed to articulate the types of knowledge writers should develop not only in in Composition and Rhetoric courses, but in every context where writing occurs. 

Reading and Analytical Knowledge:
You will develop knowledge about how meaning is negotiated between text, reader, and community and how the discovery, evaluation, and reporting of information is part of this negotiation

Genre and Conventions Knowledge:
You will gain experience locating, analyzing, and evaluating various genres.  You will compose in several genres and explore how and why genre conventions vary.

Knowledge of Writing as a Process and Practice:
You will develop flexible research, composing, and revising strategies and explore writing as a collaborative and social practice.

Discourse Community and Lexical Knowledge:
You will explore how discourse shifts across communities and you will develop knowledge to participate effectively as writers, thinkers, and researchers in them.

Rhetorical Knowledge:
You will increase your ability to assess and respond to rhetorical situations and consciously adjust your writing and research practices to each rhetorical situation.

Knowledge of Self as a Writer:
You will think about writing and your own writing knowledge in new ways and gain confidence as you develop writer identity.

Dispositions toward Writing:
You will understand that writing is both a subject of study and an activity that requires lifelong practice and reflection.

You Belong Here

You belong here. So do your classmates. You belong here if you ARE here.  If schools and society have exploited or oppressed you, your family, or your community, you belong here. You belong here if you had great teachers and positive experiences of schooling or upbringing. You belong here if you are Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Secular Humanist, Pagan. You belong here especially if you are still figuring out what and who you are. You belong here if you are documented, DACAmented, or undocumented. You belong here if you are a person of color, white, perceived to be white, mixed, or perceived to be a bunch of things that you aren’t. You belong here if you have an exceptionality or disability, are differently-abled, or neurotypical. You belong here if you identify as gender non-conforming or LGBTQIA, or if you’re still learning what some of those letters mean. You belong here if you grew up speaking like a news broadcaster, your abuelita’s language, or if you style-shift from one kind of English to another or code-switch from English to another language of heart and home and back again. You belong here if your mom was a professor, or if you were the first one in your family to graduate from high school. Whatever your body type, appearance, talents, abilities, identities, histories, or backgrounds, you belong here if you are here to learn how to make this space and the world beyond this space more humane, inclusive, respectful, rigorous, and just.